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Industrial Design
A collaboration between Liam Gee, Ivana Low, Ryan Tozier, and Nina Kong for Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Spring 2016.
NTU - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
This project is to be situated within the public performance space of the North Spine canopy. Bloom aims to bring awareness to the growing realm of art and design, coupled with the increasingly successful global efforts towards innovative materials, forms, and energy capture.
Bloom draws a visual connection between solar harvesting and the clear benefits it has for people on all levels of society. The solar leaves are translucent solar cells that filter coloured light through to the space below — this encourages people in the space to look up at the entirety of the piece. The flower-esque sculptures respond to people in the space below by “breathing”— the petals flex using shape-memory alloy wires (which allows the sculpture to be lightweight). The flowers and connecting vines glow using electro-luminescent film; which has low weight and low power consumption. To improve the quality of presentations and interactions in the space (and to reduce the harsh echoes), the petals are covered in a sound-diffusing fabric.

Orthographics & Model

Inspiration & Materials Research