H-Castle Kit

Spring 2015, Core Design Studio 3

The H-Castle Kit is a flatpack, interactive castle made of live-hinged multiples. Designed with 4-year-old client, Sophia, in mind, the H-Castle Kit allows for immediate conversion of any horizontal play surface into one of vertical interaction. Each surface has an additional interactive component utililzing chalkboard paint or a high- polish varnish.

This project was a collaboration with Sunny Zhang, and Emily Yeh.

Working Sketches

These were some of the sketches used to plan the logistics of our design.

The castle walls are Birch Plywood laminated over a 12oz canvas core. The canvas creates a live-hinge and allows the castle walls to be repositioned in numerous ways as well as affording a convenient flatpack conversion to storage when not in use.

Insets into the bridge elements allowed for a variety of fit angles. The insets also ensured a steady fit for gap spans.

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